Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper Awards are given to the authors of the papers which have the highest quality among all competitive papers presented at the conference. The best papers are selected in two steps. First, selected technical program committee (vice) co-chairs pre-select a small number of papers from all competitive track submissions that have received the most positive reviewer feedback. Thereafter, the organizing general co-chairs review these pre-selected papers anonymously and determine the best papers. Paper submissions by technical program committee (vice) co-chairs and members of the organizing committee are not eligible for the Best Paper Award.

For this year, the following papers are selected as best papers of ICOIN 2018:

  • A Method for Estimating Process Maliciousness with Seq2Seq Model, Shun Tobiyama, Yukiko Yamaguchi, Hirokazu Hasegawa and Hajime Shimada (Nagoya University, Japan), Mitsuaki Akiyama, Takeshi Yagi (NTT, Japan)
  • Analyzing Information Availability in ICN Under Link Failures, Eline Rietberg (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands); Lucia D’Acunto, Robert Kooij, and Hans van den Berg (TNO, The Netherlands)
  • PRESENCE: Toward a Novel Approach for Performance Evaluation of Mobile Cloud SaaS Web Services, Abdallah Ali Z. A. Ibrahim, Sebastien Varrette, and Pascal Bouvry (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Effect of Channel Bonding and Parallel Data Transmission with IEEE802.11n Wireless LAN in a Small Sewer Pipe, Yuki Takei, Zhi Liu, and Susumu Ishihara (Shizuoka University, Japan)
  • Multi-finger Motion Inference Using M1 Neural Decoding, Hwayoung Choi, Kyung-Jin You, and Hyun Shin (Soongsil University, Korea)


Outstanding Reviewer Awards

The Outstanding Reviewer Awards are given to the reviewers who have written the paper reviews with the highest quality. TheĀ Outstanding Reviewer Awards are determined by the technical program committee (vice) co-chairs. Members of the technical program committee (vice) co-chairs are not eligible for theĀ Outstanding Reviewer Awards.

For this year, the following reviewers are selected as outstanding reviewers of ICOIN 2018:

  • Hyungjune Lee (Ewha Womans University, Korea)
  • Seokjoo Shin (Chosun University, Korea)